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e-Commerce & Multi Vendor Marketplace Solutions

We offer the following solutions:

Multi Vendor Marketplaces
  • Multiple sellers sell the same product. A customer can purchase, quote or enquire from each supplier.
  • Suppliers can be ordered by price, seller review.
  • Suppliers can have their own payment gateway or use the marketplace's payment processor.

Multi Country Retailers
  • Do you sell in multiple countries?
  • Does each division or country manager need control of content, products, and ordering processes?

Each country may have its own ERP system, supported currencies and languages.

You can share products from a common master catalog and have independent integrations to payment processors and logistic providers.

B2B e-Commerce / Marketplaces

You can require full login access to see any products on the site or have anonymous user pricing shown and then different tiers of shoppers would see different pricing.

Complex inventory with minimums per sku or parent product are supported, as are backorders, ship partial, ship complete and drop shippings. Integration to your ERP or back end system via simple CSV file exchange or web services. Wholesalers can upload and manage their product listings. Our teams can customize the solution according to your needs.

B2C e-Commerce / Marketplaces

High volume and scalability are key with B2C e-commerce.

  • Marketplaces can have large product catalogs that quickly exceed the limits of simple PHP solutions.
  • You have full control of the html design and strong ability to configure.
  • Social Sharing, Social Sign on and supplier integration are also key.

Marketplaces for Banks

Progressive Banking organizations are seeing opportunities to provide e-commerce, marketplace or e-store services to their customers. These can be in the form of rewards / points / loyalty stores, or services to connect customers with sellers. Other use cases are small business stores for your business client's customers.

e-Commerce / Marketplaces for Governments

Sales of licenses, forms, and government documents as hard goods or electronically formats such as e-books in E-PUB format or via DRM (digital rights management) systems are becoming more common in the era of Smart Cities and E-Government. A solution that can handle the scalability and high security requirements is paramount. Avetti has solutions that can integrate to your systems or provide sophisticated Order Management Systems (OMS) that can eliminate the need for ERP integration at all.

National Business Directories / Marketplaces

Do you need to create a common marketplace and also provide online stores for thousands of small business (SMB) customers in your country?

We have experience globally to provide this service in your languages and currencies, and provide a platform you can grow and customize as needed. Our global support offices can also provide support 7/24 and we can also provide vendor on boarding services for your end customers if required.

e-Commerce for Distribution / Wholesalers / Manufacturers

Do you need to provide online stores for your resellers?

By integrating our solution to your systems, your resellers can have an online presence they can integrate to their existing website or have on a custom domain that not only has correct, accurate and complete product presentation but also accurate inventory levels. They can set their local pricing and orders flow for you to drop ship to their customer or their retail location for pickup. If they have local inventory we can also support sales from local inventory in addition to drop shipping.

Multi Store e-Commerce for Promotional Products

We have powerful solutions for the promotional products industry based on our multi store e-commerce platform. Company stores, order approval processes, CXML and OCI punchout, ERP integration, rewards, loyalty, and allowance stores. We currently provide complete e-commerce and on demand customization services to 5 of the TOP 50 PPAI companies in North America.

e-Commerce of Digital Products for Publishing

Publishers selling books, publications, e-books or any digital content use our solution to provide high volume stores. We can integrate to DRM (digital rights management) systems or services such as Overdrive or sell digital content to provide a multi store e-commerce solution to you.