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  • Multistore Ecommerce

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For Businesses

  • Create 1 or Hundreds of Websites that Sell Products
  • One Each Site Add Sellers to Increase ROI
  • Sellers can Purchase from Wholesalers
  • Multiple Sellers can sell the same product
  • Sellers can Create Products and Manage Inventory
  • Customers can see different Pricing and Products
  • Cloud or On Premise / B2C / B2B / B2B2C / PCI / SOC2
  • Multi Language EN/AR/ZH/VI/ES/FR and easily add more

For Developers

  • Microservices API
  • Headless Commerce
  • React JSX Components
  • Work Locally and Commit to GIT
  • Continuously Deploy to S3 or a Server
  • Components in your HTML or Full React
  • Integrate to thousands of APIs

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Geographical Locations

The global eCommerce market will grow at an average of 11 per cent over the next five years with Latin America leading the way

Total eCommerce penetration is set to rise from 38 per cent in 2017 to 47 per cent in 2021, driven by increased smartphone ownership and faster mobile networks. Latin America is set to be in the vanguard of mCommerce growth, with Colombia seeing a 64 per cent rise, and 45 per cent in Argentina – putting them in first and fifth position globally.

The research also found that the three fastest-growing countries for eCommerce are Colombia, Nigeria, and Argentina. These “CAN countries” are forecast to lead the world with annual rises in eCommerce of 31, 30 and 24 percent respectively.

Latin American eCommerce market is set to grow at a CAGR of 19 percent over the next five years, rising from US$59bn today to $118bn in 2021 – the biggest rise of any region

Speed Matters

Kissmetrics found that 1 in 4 people abandon a page that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

Aberdeen wrote that a 1-second delay could result in a 7% loss in sales.

Google found that 40% of mobile shopppers will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Avetti Commerce found that PHP based ecommerce solutions are an order of magnitude slower than Java solutions.

Ecommerce Performance

We've put some of the leading open source ecommerce platforms to the test. According to Amazon, every 100 ms of delay costs 1% of sales. Google found that an extra 0.5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%!

Page generation time is now a ranking factor in Google's algorithm. Speed matters! View the ecommerce benchmarking results, and see for yourself.


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“Avetti has been an e-commerce provider for our company for over 10 years for one of our faster-growing divisions. They have been a strategic provider for us and have been a large reason we are able to compete. Their skill sets, willingness and ability to provide enhanced features to meet the needs of our clients have proven very valuable to us.”

- Mike P., IT Director Geiger

“I have had the pleasure of working with Avetti for the last 7 years to develop and enhance over 10 eCommerce sites across 8 countries. Avetti is a company of hard-working, flexible people. They have high integrity and a drive to get things done...and done well. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

- Erik S., eCommerce Director The Bradford Exchange-

“I have personally worked with Avetti Ecommerce for the past year and a half. The team is very energetic and always comes up interesting idea to work and to execute on the ever dynamic e-commerce domain. Also for e-commerce one needs a Global team and Avetti provides that with teams in China, Ukraine, India, Panama and Canada to assist you. The solution is very fast and dynamic and can be adapted very quickly to local market needs. Overall very satisfied so far and definitely looking for a long term relationship with Avetti.”

- Vincent DuFromont, Country IT Manager (India) Decathlon Sports

“We have been working with Avetti on our ecommerce platform for over a decade now. The way the Avetti team approaches our business makes us feel less like clients, and more like partners. As the ecommerce landscape has changed and evolved, so has their platform and it has enabled us to better serve our customers. They are open to pushing the boundaries of their platform to meet our needs, and are truly dedicated to helping us achieve our goals. No matter what idea we throw their way, the response is always “let’s find a way to make it work”. I love that attitude and it makes Avetti a pleasure to work with.”

- Eleanor Elliott, Sr. Director, Digital Capabilities Harlequin
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